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Team Spirit

Loving and helping one another is what makes our community what it is. Our leadership team and volunteers consist of men and women of all ages and backgrounds. We celebrate the diversity of personalities and talents you carry, and try to place you on teams with which you have a knack. Whether it’s giving the best hugs, making life-changing coffee, utilizing your organizational skills — we try to find a great fit for you. Not to mention, you’ll gain friendships and see tremendous growth along the way, we just know it!

Trust fall anyone?


Kids + youth teams

These teams have the incredible opportunity to invest in the lives of our kids. From the nursery through middle school years, we take every chance to point them toward Jesus. Whether through teaching, assisting, or helping with check-in, you will share in the joy that comes from seeing these kiddos experience God’s love. 


culture + connect team

This team is responsible for making everyone who walks through our doors feel right at home. Our greeters play an important role in carrying this culture. They greet at the door, create connections and build relationships! This team is perfect for you social butterflies, or for those who love handing out free smiles.


set-up team

This team is responsible for making services happen — we couldn’t do it without them! Because we are functioning as a portable church, it takes an army to create a church-like atmosphere in an unconventional church building. This team is perfect for morning people (wink) and anyone who likes to make a place feel like home.


photo + video teams

This team is for those savvy with shooting photos and video, and exercising their creativity. We have a photographer on the scene for every service and event. Every family needs great family photos! Help capture the sweet times, the hilarity, and the powerful moments. 


cafe team

This team hands out free donuts, and pure happiness! Our church family looks forward to this sweet treat each Sunday, by our smiling and faithful team. This is a perfect team for you hospitable ones, or for those who just love coffee!