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We Love Others

love your neighbor. change the world.

Near…far…wherever you are. Ahem, how’d Celine Dion get in here? At Hill City, we desire to be healthy on all fronts, starting with an inside-out approach. We care for our church family, our neighbors close-by and long-distance, our community and places that may involve a little more travel time. We desire to make an impact, internally and externally, no matter how big or small.



Partnering with those who have a hand in changing lives is our favorite. We understand that no one can do it all. We believe in coming alongside those who have their hand in transforming our city for the better. Whether inner city, varying communities, local businesses…we desire to be a beacon of God’s love stretched beyond the walls of the church. It’s what we’re all about. Here are a few we support:



We support missions in diligent prayer, staying in touch through social media, financially, and with boots on the ground. We believe God continually enlarges our hearts for the people He loved first. Joining in on the action is available at all levels, as various trips are announced. Here are a few we support: